Winter Camp!

Winter Camp was so awesome!

Grrr, that was fake snow!

Grace looking like a retard as usual :) LOL I'm kidding Grace!

We went to the snow and had a last night party which was so much better then the underage club I went to last holidays! There was a DJ and moving lights. The theme was "fantasy" and I dressed up as a nerd fairy! Sophie came as a beautiful mushroom! Haha. And I just want to say that I am not a pervert Hendo! LOL. Oh yeah, and I packed way too many clothes as usual :) My suitcase was overflowing by the end it because we got some free clothes. We also got in trouble for having showers at 2.30 a.m! Hahaha. I MISS WINTER CAMP!

~Lilee xx


  1. helo my friend is my first time to visiting you, wow ur blog so nice....i'm glad to be in here

  2. you and your friends are all so cute! looks like you had fun!


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