Hana Sukupova and Cole Mohr

The beautiful Hana Sukupova in the latest Dazed and Confused magazine wearing pieces of Givenchy and Margiela.

Photobucket Hana Sukupova
Photobucket Photobucket
Hana Sukupova Hana Sukupova
Taken from dazeddigital.com
How cool are the blue and red shoes? And the spike skirt! Amazing stuff you got here.

Luke Worrall on the June issue of Blend. What a nice looking cover... It doesn't look right for some reason if you ask me.

Luke Worrall

I found a very nice male model and his name is Cole Mohr. Here he is in the May issue of Dazed and Confused.


And in Vogue Italia February 09 with Luke Worrall.

Cole Mohr Cole Mohr

Oh what hotties! Haha.


  1. geez, I agree - he's stunning!
    you have a great blog, i love its sweet simplicity and beautiful photographs spread around the side bar... and your post is always creative. i'll be following you! and please let me link you in my blog. :)

  2. Thank you, for the lovely comment, sweetie. :)
    AND yes, he is cute! ;)


  3. like whoa. those first few pics are insane. could you imagine if we all dressed like that. life would be a little more interesting ;)

    happy sunday!!! xoxo.

  4. Oh what a beaut! And your first images are fierce! xoxo

  5. thank you for your comment :) love the dazed and confused editorial.

  6. agree! too much hotness! gee!!

  7. love the dazed and confused editorial.

  8. you can call me a outdate, but I never going to use something like that, I mean look at that guy, looks like a real bullfighting clowns with all that make up in the face and those pants.

  9. Fashion is just entertainment because I can't really believe that someone will wear stuff like this or even a haircut like this on the street, but well thanks

  10. in love with your blog :3!
    take a look of my blog ? http://pastelmoons.blogspot.com


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