Current obsessions & Rachel Ballinger

1. Blueberry gum. I take it with me everywhere! Yummy yum :)

Blueberry gum

2. My new cupcake wall. I draw cupcakes then laminate them and stick them on my wall. By the end of it I hope to have a whole wave of cupcakes across my wall!

3. Body Shop Strawberry lip balm. Once, when I was really hungry in class, I took the lip balm out of my pencil case and had a lick. Unfortunately, it didn't taste as good as it smelt.

4. Lula magazine. I own the current issue of Lula. I reckon it's one of the best magazine's I have ever read. Full of indie photography and awesome fashion photo shoots such as the ones with Chanel Iman and Sarah Stevens!

Lula magazine

5. RSPCA cupcake day! 100% of proceeds go to the RSPCA!


RACHEL BALLINGER is my favourite model at the moment. I think she's preeetty :)

Rachel <span class=

Rachel <span class=

Rachel <span class=

Rachel <span class=

Lotsa lurve, Lilee

Today is a very special day for me. Only the ones close to me know. Well, anyway, I'm happy! ♥


  1. HAHAHA lol at you eating your lipbalm! :) heheheh
    i like the last photo !!
    and your cupcake wall is super cool!
    zhi hui xx

  2. i think she is so preety too! i love her eye brows in the snap with that guyx


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