Lady GaGa is too cool for school + new blog roll!

Another form of art from Lady GaGa with these newspaper outfits! I'd totally wear the blazer and leggings!

Lady GaGa Photobucket

I wonder where Australia's "Make me a supermodel" runner up Shanina Shaik is now? She's so beautiful.
shanina shaik make me a supermodel 2009 Pictures, Images and Photos

shanina shaik 2009 campaigns Pictures, Images and Photos shanina shaik 2009 campaigns Pictures, Images and Photos

Loving this makeover of Vanessa Hudgens for the cover of American InStyle! I'm also loving her leopard print bikini!


And thank you to F i K a for adding me to her blog roll! My first one yay! Also OMG, I just realised that we don't have Forever 21 either! Arghh the pain!

Love Lilee xx

P.S. I now officially have a blog roll so if anyone wants to exchange links then just comment me!


  1. Vanessa Hudgens looks gorgeous in both pictures. I love her hair.

  2. I secretly love-hate that girl. :D but she's gorgeous, indeed!

  3. That model is really gorgeous!

  4. i looove lady gaga..she rocks!

    thanks for stopping by my blog,

  5. Wow. That girl is SO PRETTY. I'm officially jealous :P

    And yay for making a blogroll! Now we can exchange links? :) (I added you either way)

  6. Shanina is apparently in NY and getting alot of work...well that's what I read in the paper the other day.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)

    Lady GaGa does have a very interesting style, and that model is really pretty.

  8. i love ur header! irina is my favourite girl! oh lady gaga is driving me crazy!!

  9. Gaga is quite an interesting character.... you never know how outrageous the next outfit is going to be. Got to love that about her :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    ahhh I am gaga for gaga...for realz

    I would love to exchange blogrolls with u!!!

    adding u right now!!!

    and are u on bloglovin?

  11. I discovered your blog in the last week or so and immediately put you on my blogroll!!

    Could you add me, please? Only if you like my blog, though. If you hate it, then you don't have to pretend and add me, haha. But I'll still read yours.

  12. the GAga is such an innovator, shes great!

  13. Lady Gaga is pretty fierce, i wonder what she would look like witout the costumes and couture.
    She has alot of resemblence to grace jones, and she has certainly set a tone in fashion right now.


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