♥ Shia Labeouf + Transformers 2

I can't wait any longer. I NEED to see Transformers 2! I also think Shia Labeouf is hot! So to celebrate Transformers 2 coming out and Shia Labeouf's hotness, this whole post will be dedicated to Shia :)
transformers Pictures, Images and Photos
This one's funny! Haha
shia labeouf Pictures, Images and Photos
shia labeouf Pictures, Images and Photos
Shia Labeouf Pictures, Images and Photos
I Transformers!


  1. gosh if i could kiss a tranformer i would
    mmm thats not weird its just too much love. and everone say the 2nd movie is crap! I thnik thats bull shit!

    I love you blog *follows*

  2. oh my god he is so adorable in all of these pictures.
    I especially love the 2nd one!
    he looks so different! but I want what he's eating haha. that sounds a little creepy >.<



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