photo Untitled-1690-2.jpgDoc Martens : ASOS $182
Dress : Topshop $102
Socks : Polo Ralph Lauren $15
Sunglasses : Karen Walker $298
Kanken backpack : Fjallraven $119
5 panel : Stussy $29

Decided that I'm starting a new blog segment called "OUTFIT DREAMZ" aka just a wishlist outfit thing with an official fancy name. YA DIG???

If you know me well, you know that I love a good collared dress with long sleeves. Shirt dresses especially make me excited. This one from Topshop is super simple but kinda grungy at the same time. That paired with some Ralphy socks, a Stussy 5 panel (to protect your precious face from the sun) and Docs is guaranteed to give the whole look a tomboy feel. Tomboy feelz are the best feelz. x

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 photo IMG_3005690.jpg photo IMG_2898690bleh.jpg photo IMG_2933690.jpg
Shirt : Roger David (I think) $20
Mac jacket : ASOS $75
Boyfriend jeans : Dotti $5.95
Doc Martens : $100

WAT DA FUK it's been like nine months since I last posted! Hello there! I'm back with a few more tattoos, blonde hair and more motivation to get back to my fashion bloggy doodle roots. It's weird, over the time I've been gone, I haven't even opened any of my magazine subscriptions either. They've just been sitting there on my bedroom floor with the plastic wrapping still on them. Kinda just took a while off "fashion social media" I guess. I've been on Instagram heaps though which is funsies!

Anyway, wore this today after the cool change came. For the first time in my life, I actually don't prefer summer over the other seasons. I think I'm slowly becoming an autumn/spring sorta gal. Taking advantage of this cooler weather until it goes up to the 30's again in a couple of days! Waaaah. Hope you're all having a rad start to the week! x
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 photo IMG_1813editflip-horz690.jpg photo IMG_1769leg690.jpg photo IMG_1818690.jpg
Polo top : Cotton On $10
Skirt : Wrangler $59.90
Hoodie : eBay $15
Corduroy jacket : thrifted $5
5 panel with ear flaps : ASOS $7
Sunnies : eBay $2.50
Thigh high socks : ASOS $8
Trainers : New Balance (similar colourway here)

Had a job interview last week at rad shoe store (hence the non formal-black-and-white-cover-up-all-my-tattoos look) and it went well but I don't think I got the job.. Annoying because I've always wanted to work in retail and lurrrrve shoes and am SO DESPERATE. Pisses me off so much. If anyone can get me a job in retail in Melbourne, holla at me! Anywho, this is what I wore!

I don't normally spend more than $20ish on clothing but there are a few items that I make an exception for. This Wrangler skirt is perfect because it's a nice bright thick fabric which makes me feel more comfortable because it isn't as "revealing" and is perfect for brightening up any outfit like I did in this post. Got it from Wildpair (last one in my size may I add hollaaa!) and since then it has sold out so I'm quite happy that I got it at the time I did. This is one of my new favourites in my wardrobe along with this 5 panel! I love this 5 panel so much that I bought another one just in case I lose it. Would ASOS give me a further discount if I bought all the remaining ones they have? Who knows. DEM EAR FLAPZ. xo

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 photo Untitled-1690numberr.jpg

1. Skirt : ASOS (got them in both colours!) $9.50
2. MINKPINK Taxi belt : The Iconic $20
3. Gravis backpack : eBay $36
4. Adidas Originals gloves : ASOS $16
5. Goldie "Rider" jean : Wildpair $40
6. Mollini "Karida" flatform : The Iconic $48
7. Reebok Classic Leather R12 trainers : Dr. Jays $43
8. Turtleneck dress : Boohoo $16
9. 5 panel with ear flaps : ASOS $7
10. Wrangler Baby Cord Hi Mini : Wildpair $60
11. Demonia "stomp" : eBay $89

Cheesus Christ, so over the past month or so I've been spending a bit more than I really need to.. this isn't even all of it.. BUT IN MY DEFENCE, I really only ever buy clothes that are on sale or are already cheap? So in a way I made money buying all this shit? Therefore I reckon I get away with my spending on things-that-I-don't-need habits. Most of these items have arrived now though and I'm very happy with all of my purchases, yay! xo



 photo IMG_1679690.jpg photo IMG_1563690MAVCAS.jpg photo IMG_1629nored690.jpg
T-shirt : mum's hand-me-down
Skirt : eBay $15 (similar version here)
Cap : Liverpool FC $12
Sunnies : eBay $2.50 (similar, more retro version here)
Socks : Best and Less $5 for a pack of 3 I think?
Trainers : Nike $80

One of the best things in life (first world kinda speaking) is the amazing hand-me-downs from your elders. This t-shirt was my mum's and it's so rad! I'm not sure if it's always been white bleach splattered like that or mum had a little DIY sesh herself back in the day, but I love it. Goes super well with my comfy Roshes! YEAAAAH. xo



Tomboy funz edit

Swatch watch : $39
Hansel from Basel thigh high socks : $31
Ksubi shirt : $98
Ksubi sunglasses : $249
Herschel bum bag : $45
Norse Projects hat : $88
Bardot croc pleat skirt : $79.95
New Balance 998 trainers : $230

Yeah this is currently what I NEED to wear. I don't do girly and this outfit is the most perfect combination of tomboy and fun. If you get a little cold, through a hoodie over it all and you're set! Now.. someone give me some ca$hola for this shit okay.. ty. Also, one last thing. OMFG DAFT PUNK X PHARRELL WILLIAMS OMG AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING BEEN LISTENING TO THIS SHIT NON STOP! xo