I went to Lena's super dooper birthday party sleepover on the weekend. She had tonnes of balloons, i love balloons so i got my wonderful friends Lena (birthday girl!), Kahlia, and Phee to be my photographers. It took a while for them to get a hang of it but they got better soon enough! Hahaha.

On the way there, i heard an ad on the radio about a man on the tram that smells like cabbage. I thought it was funny haha. It reminds me of Kahlia (Kahlia's the one in the grey jacket). Kidding! I don't remember what the ad was about though.

~ Lilee


  1. the balloon photos are sooo good lilee phoenix! (lol at your name =D)
    how come i am not a tag?!?!? majorly offended! :P
    can't wait to see more blog posts! xx
    ps. you should make it an option to anonymously comment, or comment with a name, cos right now you have to login with a google account and not many people have those..

  2. ahh ok phee. wait, you are tagged! :) i'll try to fix it boo


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